Student Feedback

The 2020 OSU Summer Music Camp has been canceled due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Please see the link below for more information.  


What students like best about the camp:

  • “I can’t put one thing at the top because I loved all of it.  I loved the teachers, students, food and many more things.  The rooms were nice as well!”
  • “I liked to get to rehearse and practice with a group of people who were all better than me because it inspired me to practice more and it helped my performance improve.”
  • “Overall well-organized schedule and experience”
  • “The college feel”
  • “This will sound cheesy but, I guess EVERYTHING”
  • “More personal attention than other camps”
  • “The people.  It was just a great experience being around others that have the same passion for music as you do.”
  • “It was very intense.  I’ve learned more about my instrument than I have in the past 5 years with it.”

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"At camp I learned..."

  • “How to be a better pianist and to be more open socially”
  • “A ton about myself: I had never been as terrified to see some of the music we were given and I learned that I could actually play it and in less than a week!”
  • “Learned about college life and what to expect”
  • “In order to get better, you have to be focused and dedicated to the whole music”
  • “Even if you hate all but one piece of music, you have to tough it out”
  • “How to be a better musician and I learned better social skills”
  • “To pace myself and not overwork to the point where I don’t enjoy myself any more all the while, trying my best”

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